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A Fat Wreck Production Blog #8- Jordan Burns

When we decided that we would try to post a new blog daily, we had made the assumption that we would have actually had the downtime to work on them. I think we may have been a tad bit overzealous. We wanted a way for our Fatty Fat Fat Fans to vicariously live through our experiences. So with these upcoming blog posts we want to take parts of our trip out to Southern California and do select features.

If there is one thing I can say about Jordan Burns, drummer for Strung Out, he takes the same approach to his drumming as he does with every endeavour in his life; he applies the same tenacity and determination. The San Fernando Valley, California native has been part of the Fat Wreck Chords family since their start up in the early nineties.

Jordan was gracious enough to invite us into his home to interview him. Rather than the standard interview in front of a drum set or in the studio, Jordan opted to take a different approach. Being the owner of Moto XXX, a motocross company he's had about as long as he's been in his band, to film this interview inside his garage in front of his motorcycles and 60’s model Chevy Nova SS

What was suppose to take thirty to forty-five minutes of Jordans time, became a hangout day at his house. Through out the whole interview process, we had time to talk with Jordan and really get a sense of who he was. He showed us around his home which he was renovating, pulled out prized memorabilia, and even let us play on his drum set. (I got to play on Jordan Burns drum set!!)

Somewhat quiet but not too reserved, Jordan was just as excited as we were to talk about everything from the his set up to his company to even showing us demos of Strung Out’s next studio album. And if you are familiar with his drumming, you can expect the same sensory assault from his massive drum sounds. The new songs sound great. If there is one thing I’ve learned from the Fat Wreck community, they’re all a bunch of awesome people.

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