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A Fat Wreck Production Blog #16- Fat Wreck Chords 25th Anniversary

*Rory Koff- NUFAN & Friends

It’s been a few months since our last blog post and we are eager to update everyone with what’s happening with the documentary. The past few months have been exhausting to say the least and we still have more work ahead of us, but we are close to the finish line.

We had an amazing time in San Francisco at the Fat Wreck Chords 25th Anniversary. The “A Fat Wreck” film crew were given photo/ video passes for the weekend and we spent every minute of the weekend filming away. I imagine the first thing you may think is; they’re still filming!? Well, sort of. We want to make sure we capture the full scope of what Fat Wreck Chords is and we had to have footage from the 25th Anniversary to really make this film feel complete.

But the 2 day festival wasn’t the only highlight of the weekend. For the lucky few, we had a test screening of "A Fat Wreck" at The Roxy Theater. The overwhelming feeling of joy rushed over us as we finally saw our documentary up on the big screen. Although it was just a test screening to show everyone how the film is shaping up, we had great feedback from everyone who attended. A special thanks needs to be said to the Fat Wreck Wiki team for coming out to the screening and for all the support they have given us.

We wouldn’t be here without the amazing support of the fans of Fat Wreck Chords, but we also can’t thank enough our amazing film crew that is always willing to go the extra mile for the doc. It was great to see our Canadian, Greg Pratt, make it down. It’s crazy that we haven’t been face to face in over a year! But the joys of Skype and FaceBook let us keep in touch. And to Aaron if you’re reading this; Billy Bob Rob and I had the same exact thought when we first saw all your film equipment…

We are currently making our way back and forth between Dallas, TX and Austin, TX on weekend trips working on the final edit with Justin Wilson (Leaders and Flares) at Charlie Uniform Tango. They have extended to us amazing hospitality and we can’t thank them enough for letting us hide away in their studio editing into the wee hours of the night.

It’s not too late to be a part of the film also, we are still looking for more photos! Anything you have from the early 90’s with anyone from Fat Wreck Chords, we want them. And you’ll receive credit in the film with a big thank you from all of us at A Fat Wreck.

Keep on keeping on and GET RAD!! @afatwreck

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