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A Fat Wreck is finished (mostly)!!

We are excited to officially announce our World Premiere at the 10th Annual Dallas International Film Festival!! In addition to being shown at DIFF, A Fat Wreck will also be screening at the Nashville Film Festival and the Newport Beach Film Festival all taking place in April. Go to for a full list of showtimes and locations to see it first!


The film is currently going through final color correction and getting the 5.1 Surround Sound treatment for a true filmic experience. Close to three years of work and we are finally screening A Fat Wreck in film festivals. We are still locking down all of our legal clearances to prepare the film for it’s public release, which can be the most boring and tedious process of working on a movie. But there’s a silver lining… We are finally ready to show the film in festivals and other not-for-profit venues.

If you live in the Dallas, Nashville, or Newport Beach area and want to be a part of the A Fat Wreck Film Crew, we need volunteers to help put up flyers and posters for the screenings. As a thank you we are offering Free Passes to a screening in your area and A Fat Wreck Film Crew T-Shirt. (Email re: A Fat Street Team)

Now that post-production on the film is so close to wrapping up, we are able to put all our attention on getting the perks out to everyone who donated to the film. They will be shipped out as soon as possible.

Everyone has been so kind and patient, and we want to make sure we explain exactly what “as soon as possible” means for all of the remaining perks. Basically, anything other than the film itself (BluRay, digital copies, etc.) will be coming throughout the summer as items complete. We can finally get the vinyl pressed and complete the manufacturing of the other physical perks (t-shirts, hoodies, posters, stickers, buttons, etc.), so once the whirlwind of the next month and these three wonderful film festivals has passed, then our lives shift to boxing and mailing perks as quickly as we can get them out.

Note: If your address has changed recently you can update your address via the indiegogo page

For the film itself, we don’t have a specific date (yet!) when we know we can send out discs and download links. One of the pitfalls that first time filmmakers run across WAY TOO OFTEN is legal/copyright issues, and we’re being very diligent to follow the advice of people who are much smarter and more experienced (and more handsome, with sweet fresh breath and hair that waves in the breeze like a majestic flag… but we digress) who have navigated this process before. Once we have things locked down legally in a way that allows us to distribute the film to you all, we will happily announce a date. We want to make everyone happy and let them enjoy the film as soon as possible… But, even more, we don’t want to get sued and go bankrupt or go to jail. So, thank you for your understanding. And, if you’re a crowdfunder who lives near one of the festivals, hit up a screening there and claim a free hug of gratitude from someone on the filmmaking team. And, see your name in the credits!

Your patience waiting for the perks has been greatly appreciated. It’s the Fatty Fat Fat Fans who donated to the Indiegogo that helped this movie become a reality and we can never thank everyone enough for their amazing support.

If you have a theater or venue and you would like to set up a screening of A Fat Wreck, we will be posting a form on our website soon. Your venue must be able to accommodate 5.1 surround sound audio with a minimum expectancy of 50+ attendance.

Be sure to go check out the new film trailer and see the two new super sick film posters!

Get Rad!!!



A Fat Wreck

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