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A Fat Wreck Production Blog #11- Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary!!

Hello Fatty Fat Fat Fats,

Can you believe we are here!? It’s been one year since we officially announced A Fat Wreck. To be honest, it took us by surprise that we were approaching the year mark. Being so close to the project we forget that there is an audience just as eager to watch what me make, as we are. We are honest Fat Wreck Chords fans that had an idea to make a doc about one of our favorite labels and here we are a year later; this film has exceeded all of our expectations so far and we have only just begun. We've managed to get some incredible interviews with some of our favorite punk rock icons and were have been so lucky to have met so many rad people along the way. We can't wait for everyone to see the film once it is complete.

The first teaser we released was shot mostly at Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas. This was originally shot and edited by the director, Shaun Colon all by his lonesome. What was suppose to be a 20 min short has now become the feature length doc we are working on.

The second teaser we released had more time to fully develop. We shot mostly at Fest in Gainesville and scooped our most important interview earlier this year with none other than Fat Mike. Although seemingly hesitant at first, he opened a can of worms that has helped us shape the story of the doc.



Twitter: @afatwreck


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