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A Fat Wreck Production Blog #10- Release Date?

“When’s the movie coming out?”

We get asked this question constantly. From close friends and family to emails from the Fat Wreck community, this is the burning question that is on everyone's mind when they first speak with us. We appreciate the amazingly supportive community that is growing more and more anxious to see the documentary, and we want nothing more than for all of you to see this film.

We can only say this; it will come out when it’s finished. This may seem like a vague answer and it is, but it allows us the time to make the film that we want to see, without the constraints of a due date. As we get deeper into the project, we find ourselves wanting to go even bigger than when we had originally planned for the film. What started out as a passion project that was meant to be a twenty minute short film about Fat Wreck Chords from a fan’s perspective grew even bigger than we had imagined. After every interview and every story, we knew we had to go bigger. We had to tell a more complete story.

The bulk of our production work has been done, but it’s nowhere close to being a wrap. We’re still conducting interviews with some amazing artists and bands, and will continue to until we have a finished edit; and even then we may still shoot more. We have a combined total of over 26 hours of interviews that we have to catalogue and transcribe. We are also working on a new teaser/making of featurette for everyone to see what we have been doing. We can’t wait to tell you more and share everything with all of you, when the time permits. We’ll keep you posted. Get rad!!



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